• LB-100 Lift bag 100 Ib 45.5kg1

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LB-100 Lift bag 100 Ib 45.5kg

RM 490.00 RM 392.00

Weight: 200grams

Model: Lift Bag

Brand: IST Sports

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  • For salvaging items from underwater.
  • With a 3-dimensional top, gas will stay atop the lift bag where it is needed the most for stability.
  • The panels are made from 210D TPU coated fabric and are radio-frequency welded together for greater strength.
  • Gas from an air source can easily enter the lift bag while underwater and its tapered entrance prevents accidental buoyancy loss at the surface.
  • Automatic dump valve located on top of the bag provides ascent speed control and self-vents excess pressure in the event of a rapid, uncontrollable ascent.
  • Comes with a 304 grade stainless steel D-ring.
  • 2 bungee loops on top of the lift bag can be used to roll up the lift bag for storage purpose.