• MP-6 Moulded Mouthpiece1

MP-6 Moulded Mouthpiece

RM 45.00

Weight: 100grams

Model: Mouthpiece

Brand: IST Sports

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  • Mouldable to suit each individual’s dental profile. 
  • The most outstanding benefit of having a properly fitted mouthpiece is less physical exertion is needed when using a second stage equipped with this mouthpiece, leaving the diver with significantly reduced fatigue.
  • Simply immerse the mouthpiece (including all of its attachments to keep its profile in critical sections) into 95°C / 203°F water for 30 seconds, place it inside mouth, biting down and sucking on it for 30 seconds. Rinse with cold water and then recheck fit. Repeat the process as necessary. 
  • Not available in North America.