• HB-1 Dolphin Tech Solo Harnes1

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HB-1 Dolphin Tech Solo Harnes

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Model: HB-1 Dolphin Tech Solo Harnes

Brand: Dolphin Tech



  • Material: 5cm (2”) wide, 2.5mm thick nylon webbing.
  • Overall length: 320cm (126") with centre grommet.
  • Complete HB1 set also include: 2 hose holders, 2 flat D-rings, 2 bent D-rings, 1 belt buckle & 6 webbing keepers.

As simple as it can be, DOLPHIN TECH basic harness is the most reliable, has no superfluous parts to fail and easy to set up. It comes with 4 protective sleeves to cover the webbing where it is threaded through the back plate.