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DT-2 Technician Tools Kit

RM 950.00

Weight: 2000grams

Model: Scuba Tool

Brand: Odisea

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1. "+" Screw driver x 1pc
2. "-" Screw driver x 1pc
3. Cup tool x 1pc
4. Spanner wrench (3/4"~2") x 1pc
5. O-ring tool x 3pcs
6. Two head driver for knob of tank valve x 1pc
7. Standard reg. adjusting tool x 1pc
8. Swivel reg. adjusting tool x 1pc
9. Poppet tool 3 head x 1pc
10. Poppet tool 4 head x 1pc
11. Multi tool (Dive Tool-14) x 1pc
12. "S" shape wrench x 2pcs
13. Handle bar (for HP & LP port of 1st stage) x 1pc
14. Silicone grease x 1pc
15. O-rings:
AS568-010 x 10pcs
AS568-011 x 10pcs
AS568-012 x 5pcs
AS568-014 x 10pcs
AS568-015 x 5pcs
AS568-112 x 10pcs